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Friday, June 29, 2012

Corruption of the Family Court System in New Jersey

Everyday a woman goes to Family Court in Ocean County NJ, to be degraded, belittled and disrespected by the current Judges on the bench. Their is a man judge by the name of Judge Sheldon Franklin , who is male SOB, racist, and bias against woman, and more degrading if she and the children are victims of domestic violence. This judge , i have written to Judicial Committee in Trenton, NJ, NJ Supreme court regarding his misconduct and his unprofessional actions against woman and children.

I have even written to the Governor of New Jersey Christine, and stated all the documentation and witnesses , who have been victimized by this Judge.

Judge Roe, a woman Judge at same court Ocean County is also, bias, racist and non compassionate against woman nor children. Both Judges need to be REMOVED from the courts, for corruption and misconduct. some one is lining their pockets, for their harass and bias rulings against woman.

Please my followers write to both judges and lets make a campaign to have them both removed from the court system. This family court is a criminal heaven among Judges.,Lawyers and even law enforcement officers. It's a modern day mafia in the judicial system in New Jersey.It needs to stop now, before its too late.

Their main mission is to destroy woman, men and children, the government needs to conduct a full investigation. As a private investigator and abused by them, I am doing full investigations. Which upon completion , i will expose them to society. They must be fine and reprimanded for misconduct and bias abuse of woman and children. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO ABUSE A OIDV, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE OR CHILD ABUSE VICTIMS EVER. THIS SURVIVOR FIGHTS FOR THE JUSTICE OF ALL....WOMAN CHILDREN AND MEN. UNITED AS FAMILY OF VICTIMS, SURVIVORS AND WARRIORS.

Please send all Complaints to: Send letters and email....New Jersey needs to change the laws and change corrupted Judges.

Supreme Court of NJ

Family Court
125 Clancy Street
Toms River, NJ 08724