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Monday, March 30, 2015

My Misery

Living life with memory lost.......due to years of Domestic Violence....

The days continue while the mind continues to leave from the brain cells, how could anyone live like this or adjust to losing those memories of the past. Birth of our children, your high school years college years everything that was you lost somewhere inside your mind. Lost for eternity and never coming back, that is the life i live today. Just few minutes ago, i irritated a person because first i couldn't remember their name and during our conversation i forgot what the hell we where talking about.  This is the permanent damage this man left with, and still he has not been held accountable for the crimes.

I experienced during my entire marriage , smashing my head against the walls....This is what this man did to me. Because of not being able to get medical attention ,I have today traumatic brain injuries. I need to take Topamax for the rest of my life and injectable for severe migraine's.

I have been beaten like a cage animal, strangled, kicked ,punched and raped.   My book is coming out soon. I will expose the horror, pain and torture i received by Officer Egberto Colon Jr. All the threats throughout the years his brother Capt. Jaime Colon made against me , if i talked about the abuse. My daughter was almost drown in bathtub by their mother, who suffers from mental illness and is a danger to herself and society.

Society I need Justice and accountability for the crimes committed against my family.

Justice must Prevail

I filed for divorce on October  2010 , till today no divorce. ..... Just violations after violations done from the abuser , his lawyer and family court system. I have been robbed by my ex attorney and raped my constitutional and civil rights by 3 court appointed judges. Harass and threaten by my ex's former attorney Linda Mallozzi , who now presides as a family court Judge in Union County NJ.

My plea for help was ignored by the Elizabeth Police Dept, In NJ....Supervisor Capt. Jaime /colon, Deputy Chief Alexander Stofianokas, Former Chief of Police Ronald Simon, Internal Affairs Lt. Bastrdo, and Director of Police James Cosgrove, were all told of the years of abuse and severe tortured Officer Egberto Colon Jr. did on myself and my daughter Brittany. He even tried to murder his 15 month old along with all of us 8\12\2010.

Society take a good look at this abuser and his group of accomplishes :

Justice must prevail for my family, and all who have violated our rights need to be held accountable.  Please send a letter to :

Elizabeth Police Dept. 
1 Police Plaza
Elizabeth, NJ 07208

Please ask where is the The Colon Woman Justice , We want answers and everyone involved to be held accountable.

Enough with Domestic Violence

Every 8 seconds a woman is beaten and abused in the world. Please help if you know anyone is in this type of situation, you could be saving a life........OIDV Survivor Clara Colon.....Please be aware , Lets end this madness and make a change....

Thank you to the producers of this video, its powerful.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bloody Hands....The Truth Story of Clara Colon is Coming Out.....

Bloody Hands .....Its in the final stages of completion ....Will be out this Fall 2015...I just did the photo shoot for book .....Stay Tune....Clara Colon OIDV Survivor Book is coming.

Beware to all the people who thought they where going to destroy me from telling the truth. Boys in Blue its all coming out beware and now start getting ready, the book tour is getting close. Officer Involved Domestic Violence will be exposed and everything is coming out..........

Thursday, March 26, 2015


My daughter is currently doing Alternative modeling and is a student of this Industrial dance

Friday, March 20, 2015



I would like to tell you a story of an abusive, his wife spent 10 plus years of physical abuse, sexual abuse and verbal abuse. He is an internet con man and when he wasn't making money scamming. We now have thieves who don’t have to leave their homes. This is the story of Steve Sherman of His real or sort of real name Stephan Schurmann. This is how it works:
They start up Fake Businesses, buy Fake Domain names, and use Virtual Offices or just use the addresses, Cut and Paste to create a believable website.
Register some as a business, but then make fake off branches.
They fill the site with pages and pages of information which is cut and pasted from real other sites, add more domain names, take your money then say you breached your contract.
So now you call the numbers, all from prepaid phone or online untraceable numbers.
How are you going to take them to court?
Where are they, where do you serve the court papers?
If you call the police, who do they look for? Fake names?
If you call the FBI, they tell you to call the police.
They have set up Fake LinkedIn accounts, their best clients are all fake, and they have fake Facebooks and fake friends.
Meanwhile they are laughing all the way to the bank, where now they have all your information, and who know what they will do with that.
They and can sweet talk thousands of people at a time scamming has become incredibly easy to do. There are many people internationally scamming, some are even protected by the better business bureau in the United States, even though they target Business Owner, Young Emotional Teens and the Elderly.
At this point he has over 50 websites and growing. He has done this time after time after time, then when people start asking questions, he just changes the name and starts the new con for new suckers.
He has Never paid taxes on anything ever…How is this fair?
Right now he is using Steve Sherman, but his real name is Stephan Schuremann or Stephan Schurmann depending on which passport he used to get into the US.
400 Red Corner Rd, Douglassville, PA 19518, this address is a foreclosed house where the owner until the bank takes back is happy to rent it out. So now he has a fancy house, to show you the sucker how well he is doing. But like all house of cards, it will fall, but what is sad, he just will rebuild before the next day and the scam starts all over again.
Each of these websites are connected to others websites where you name, and photo’s are implied that people recommend him. Give him an undercover call and ask him, he will tell you or an undercover email. So far we have found 65 different websites and names he is using.
Now while following our favorite Scam Artist, he has lost custody of his son. Now he buys the domain name of poor Judge Polson and just plasters lie after lie over the web. Now he is mad at the judge for ruling against him, so this is how he handles it. This is him hurting and destroying people again.
When you want to find the owner of a website you just go to www.who is dot and we found out it’s our famous scammer but using the name Patent Owner, BTW he is not but he does tell people this to again, show fake credibility. He uses his new corporate address at the house in foreclosure.
It is Stephan Schurmann aka Steve Sherman scam company
Just by this website he put up it shows how evil he is.
Welcome to Club Schurmann the Shurman Drama club. When you catch him in a lie, he will post things about you and make up lies. He doesn’t play well, has no ethics behind him and is dangerous.
This is a little pre-history but there is so much more!!!!…/powerconcrete-l27071.html
Anyone who would write such a thing as written in the link above, explains the person you now are dealing with.
Again here are some of his new names: Stephen Schurman, Stephan Schurmann, Stephan Schuermann, Steve Sherman (what he is using on because he is such a con man and he changes his name like I change clothes.
Remember: If you post any truth about him he doesn't like, he will do the same to you, warning....
He uses the name Steve Sherman here to keep his new com away from his crazy lies.
His new companies
There are more, just start clicking on photos to find links to links to links. On his site when you read it, it’s just crazy! On one page it will say NO matter what your credit is we will finance you 100% but on the other page You must have a credit rating of 700 to 800
He even says he builds free homes under his nonprofit
You can buy stock in his company
Get a job making money
Truth: he has never build or invented a thing in his life, every claim, patent, trademark and so on are other peoples work.
Simple: ask to see a built project, go to it and see it’s not his work at all.
Now here is some of the Steve story
He has two passports
One from Germany
One of his scams is to sell E5 Visa which is:
It’s a way to get into the US get a green card .
E5 Visa: He at one time was selling fake business to foreign people to get into the company on the E5 Visa program.…/powerconcreteus-powerconcr……/Stephan-E-Schurmann-Powerconc…
There are pages and pages of more but you get the idea
Now here are others…/powerconcrete-stephen-schu……/villainabox-21st-equity-powe…
This is one you should find pretty good…/powerconcrete-l27071.html
He is on the No Fly list
Mr Stephan Schurmann of 21st Equity , Villainabox , Powerconcrete , power caskst , power toilets ect states since 2008 he has a cement mandate for 500 million tonnes of cement and yes folks 500 million with value market of 37 billion usd , runs ...
Mr Stephan Schurmann of 21st Equity , Villainabox , Powerconcrete , power caskst , power toilets ect states since 2008 he has a cement mandate for 500 million tonnes of cement and yes folks 500 million with value market of 37 billion usd , runs all this from a laptop and a rented room , amazing , the letter used to show he is legit is a letter from pinsent and mason a legal partnership in London ( impressive ) only problem the letter is signed Mr Pinsent Mason LLC , we checked they dont have a person with this name in PINSENT and MASON legal office ?? Attached is the copy of this letter that has been forwarded to Pinsent & Mason for thier legal action , which they have advised they will action on…/Equity-Panels-Equity-Business……/Abraham-Enoch-Mark-Taylor-Gra… isn’t a real company
I could go on and on. Good Luck on getting your information/photo’s off all his websites.
Fake Steve……
Do you know why scams are so popular, internet scams? Because no one cares, this man says he is based out of Pa, which is where his fake company is. He is living in a home under foreclosure, he is here in the US on an illegal passport, he even told a judge he is here illegally and doesn't care because no one will do anything about it. His driver’s license in AL, parts of his company are register in DE, NV, and WY plus AL for the old base. He says on his website he has a 501c3, which he doesn't so he is scamming churches, he says he is helping the elderly, scamming the old but no one cares. He doesn't pay taxes because the money goes into accounts from other countries. The police say it's not in their jurisdiction, the FBI says to call the police, the police say call the FBI, the IRS should be in on this but they don't care because how to you track a man with a computer who just cuts and pastes and puts up over 50 websites? And has no home and lives in hotels. His LinkedIn is full of his fake profiles, FB is full of his fake companies. He hurt people, he take money for stuff. He has never built one thing in his life, every all his ideas are from other companies he would work. If you would talk to him for one second and confront him, he will become angry call you every foul name he know..and he knows them in many languages, then plaster fake lies about you all over the web. You do news stories on illegal Mexicans who are just in the US to improve quality of life, he is here for 30 years developing scam after scam after scam ...same scam new name and website. Sorry this isn't important to you, I hope someday you won't be hurt by someone like him.
Plus the story of how he is abusing his wife, posting lies about a JUDGE on line, buying domain names to hurt judges, police and US Citizens. I don't understand this at all
This is one of two passport, even here are lies. Notice at the bottom his real name is SCHUERMANN but he seems to have tricked them to spell it up top where people would be looking as Schurmann dropping the e.
This is his so call new company. He full of lies. He has nothing that all the websites say. Each photo can take you to a new website. It’s so full of lies how can one even start to believe it, but they do. Notice at the bottom of his site he has news stations, he is the king of cut and paste.¬¬ In this company he used the fake name Steve Sherman, how is this even legal??
His arrest photo under his real name. Look at his eyes, he is angry and laughing because he knows when he gets out he will put up fake websites about the people who put him in jail. He will ruin more careers. He lives off of hurting people, he loves it.
This is him and his Ex wife. He now posts her naked photo’s all over the web calling her a slut and other not nice things. Jubilie Anqui
Nevada SOS
Here are just some of his past companies:
Remember to ask for Due Diligent and Proof of work, many people just copy photo’s and put up virtual web sites and fake businesses.
11.15.1996 He started European Chamber of Commerce & Industry…
Entity Number C22899-1996
Permanently Revoked
His partner was a Peter Slyman
With this company he uses the name of Stephan Schurmann
4.10.2009 21st Equity Home Manufacturing, Inc.
Entity Number E0204082009-7
This one is Still Active…
Using the Schurmann name this time
21St Equity Group Holding, Inc.
Entity Number E0204142009-8
Using the Shurmann name
Status: Revoked
Dr. George Smith is his partner in crime on this one
Plaswall Manufacturing & Development Holding Inc.
Entity Number E0539122010-0…
We are now using the Steve Shurmann Name
2.13.1997 Millennium Electronics, Inc.
Entity Number C3068-1997
Status: Merge Dissolved…
Uses the name of Mark A Schurmann
Interesting Note: he marries a Morris Women
Partner in Crime Douglas P. Morris
Lawcorp Equity Partners LLP…
Stephan Schurmann is the name of this con along with Dr. George Smith
Schweizer Credit & Business Trust
Entity Number E0019742008-1…
Permanently Revolked
Ex-Wife Jubilie Anqui
Equity Panels Equity Business Trust Equitytrust
10.21.2004 Equity Real Estate Investment & Business Trust…
He uses the name of Stephan Schuermann Please Note the E is in his name.
The Domestic Business Trust is still active BTW
Next is World Club 10.21.2004 Entity Number C28532-2004 Permanently Revolked…
Wyoming SOS
Now we have in Wyoming
Powerconcrete Building Technology Holding Corp.…
Today Name for this company is Stephan Schurmann
1620 Central Avenue, Ste 202
Cheyenne, WY 802001-4575
Powerconcrete Building Technologies INC.…
Delinquent Tax
Under Steven Schurmann
525 Galloway Circle
Alabama, AL 35007
Sea of Tranquilities Investments Inc
This is on one of his first web sites
Director; Gerald Pitts, 1712 Pioneer Ave Ste 1136
Tranquil Investments LLC
In franklin, TN
Where one of his investors is…
Powerbiz Institute Inc
Stephan Schurmann

Equity Christian Community
Equity Christian Community Development Trust…
Alabama SOS
9.17.2010 21st Equity Homes Manufacturing Alabama LLC
Partner: Jerry R Carr, 1564 Laurens St, Birmingham, AL 35242
Joseph E MCClure, Michael MCClure, Stephan E Schurmann…
9.17-2010 Alabama Energy Resources LLC…
Jerry R. Carr, Joseph E MCClure, Michael MCClure, Stephan E Schurmann
Steve Schurmann, 525 Galloway Circle, Alabaster, AL 35007
Steve Schurmann…
Plaswal Manufacturing & Development Alabama LLC
Jubilie Anqui, Steve E Schurmann
Just Some of the Company Names
Equity Panels
Equity Business Trust
Power Biz Instute
Equity Christian Community
Power Biz Instute
Equity Christian Community

Just ask this company or companies to prove to you one thing they have built? What address?
Anything, they can’t because it’s all cut and paste photos.
This is how it’s done.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Excellent Program

Chief Ayers Sr. and the Capitol Heights Police Department is dedicated to preventing domestic violence and equipping their officers with the proper training as first responders. I was pleased to deliver the LASERS Lasers Inc Domestic Violence Law Enforcement training to Officers White and Hayes. Congratulations and thank you for your dedication to serving and keeping our communities safe! It's a... See More
— with Anthony L. Ayers Sr., Meghan Hayes, Rosaura Torres Author, Clara Colon, Miriam Martinez and Frank Sooleskool Gaskins.
please bring thi program to NJ. We need to get the Law Enforcement Community up to date with How exactly , what procedures and have some training with Domestic violence, .....Author Rosaura Torres and Myself would like to teach and explain to Victims of Officer Involved Domestic Violence that is going to be okay and give them the tools for survival. also Educate officers that violence is not he answer....

Bravo My Friend Lyn Twymann
Abuse survivor and CEO of LASERS, a domestic abuse help organization, shares her story and speaks to victims to find a way out of their situation.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015



 I amClara Colon Officer Involved Domestic Violence Survivor , Advocate and Activist in Ocean County NJ. My family (myself and my two daughters 12 and 15 months at time) where almost murdered on 8/12/2010 by this monster......

Officer Egberto colon Jr. of the Elizabeth Police Dept, 1 Police Plaza , Elizabeth NJ 07208  908-558-2000. His Supervisor and Brother ignored my plea for help , Captain Jaime Colon violated all policing policies by not reporting all physical mentally sexually and torture Officer Egberto Colon Jr did to his family. he sexually assaulted my daughters, my youngest was 15 months old at the time.

 Officer Egberto Colon Jr. and his brother Capt. Jaime Colon

His brother has continued to coverup all misconduct and violations violating our civil and constitutional rights. Their mother tried in 2000 to drown my daughter Brittany in the bath tub, both brothers coverup the fact that their own mother was mentally unstable and dangerous to be among children. 

The Elizabeth Police Dept has continue to rally with officer colon, who is also responsible for 5 fetal fetus murders, molestation of children(his own), Physical , Mental and Rape. He raped me 6 weeks after C-Section. For having a woman use my social Security and use it to take money, loan under my name, He is a identity thief, embezzler and unstable sociopath individual. who now is making lies to make himself into a victim. very dangerous armed individual which society needs to be aware of and advice to be careful of him and his unstable mentally family. Strange people............Beware...........

Elizabeth Police Dept. Elizabeth NJ have not done their jobs correctly instead they hide behind the blue wall of lies.