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Saturday, September 20, 2014

October is Domestic Violence Awareness and New video is coming

I created this video in back 2011. As a advocate for the Officer Involved Domestic Community , bringing awareness of this growing epidemic. For many years, this has been a Secret among Police Officers to keep everything within the brotherhood of Blue. It's a family matter, well no longer I am outspoken, courageous and brave. WHEN A OFFICER COMMITS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HE OR SHE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. IF THE ABUSE INCLUDES THE CHILDREN. HE SHOULD LOSE CUSTODY OF HIS CHILDREN. I stand tall and brave with my Fellow sister and Advocate , Author Rosaura Torres.
America Against Domestic Violence-OIDV- Officer Involved Domestic Violence
I am a survivor of OIDV , abused tortuted. raped and almost murder on 8/12/2010 along with my 12 yr old and 15 month old daughters.Been violated my civil 
Joe Serrano This is a must see and brave depiction of domestic abuse. I was taking back but encouraged by Clara's bravery! Thanks Clara for posting and availing yourself. Chat soon!! Stay brave and blessed...!!! Thanks Rosaura Torres Author for the introduction!! Chat Soon Rosa!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Feds reopen the Suicide of Officer Leon Thomas Elizabeth Police 1998...IT WASN'T SUICIDE IT WAS MURDER!!!!!   

A Anonymous source is coming forward that the underground group within the Elizabeth Police Department are responsible for the murder of Officer Leon Thomas in 1998. He was murdered by 9 EPD Officers under the commander of the Administration and City Officials. Officer Thomas had a ledger "Diary" outlining all corruption among the Department , Administrators and Even his Supervisors. Long list of thugs with guns. The Credible source will be coming forward publicity as soon he is protect by FBI.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Did EPD Officers Really Murder Officer Leon Thomas back in1998...Yes!!!!

Did EPD Officers Really Murder Officer Leon Thomas back in1998...Yes!!!! I was told repeatedly  throughout the years as i was beaten and tortured by Officer Egberto Colon Jr. " I will kill you and make it look like a suicide just like Officer Thomas".

As he beaten and tortured me, I would seek help from his supervisor and sibling Sgt. and then Lt. Jaime Colon at the time. he also threaten with same threat. Remember society both men come from a household of violent domestic violence and a mother with severe and dangerous psychotic mental illness. She tried to drown my two year old daughter Brittany at the time in my residence in Rahway NJ. Both men had prior knowledge and never told me she was under medication , which she was taking. That made her dangerous and endangered the welfare of my child and myself to be presence of her.

Now to Officer Leon, who had a diary documenting all the Corruption within this department, outlines and naming all supervisors,, officers and even the Mayor of Elizabeth . Where all connected to underground organization that till this day still exists, " The Familia".....'The Family".  members include Mayor of Elizabeth NJ and Director James Cosgrove as the Capos, Chief 's, and others. They are responsible for drug tracking, prosecution, sex slavery, child pornography and even other organized crime as Law enforcement officials.

I witness the hundreds of conversations officer Colon had with other members of this organized crime group and have been present to the conversation of several who confessed to his murder...Officer Colon was one of them, back in 2008 he stated , I could kill you now and no one will believe i killed you. I have killed before, and got away with it.

Ot's time to bring Justice for the Murder of Officer Leon Thomas........He did not commit suicide , he was murder by his own brothers in blue.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Times up Dirty Bastards.

 Officer Egberto Colon I WILL BE POSTING all documents online for the world to see your Corruption. You have stolen Homeowners Insurance. Lied in court. Stolen IRS Funds. Molested Your Children, Physically harm everyone in this home, killed and murder 5 fetal fetus, and you are responsible for the murder of Officer Leon Thomas back in 1998. He did not commit suicide , you and other officers murdered him. yes your brother has his hand dirty too.


Office of Legal Affairs,
Bonny Fraser,
Dear Ms. Fraser:
My name is Clara Colon and I am a survivor of Officer Involved Domestic Violence here in Manhawkin, NJ. I have been in the Family court system for past 3 years without any course yet of finalizing this divorce. My divorce has been placed on inactive status due Judge Sheldon Franklin recusal of the case.  My soon to be ex is a Elizabeth Police Officer with Elizabeth Police Dept for past 20 years.
On August 12, 2010 he physical attacked myself and my two children with the intention of murdering us. He was never prosecuted only with a disorderly and $500.00 fine thanks to prosecutor Allison Aaron.
I have been violated my civil and human rights with Ocean County Family Court and with 3 Attorney who have taken me for a fool and have cost me over $45,000 in legal fee. My last attorney even had me intimated to take a loan from loan associated of his at a interest rate of 135.99% which I advised Ocean County Prosecutors Office and Presiding Judge Vincent Grasso of this matter. Which has been ignored, this is a common practice among lawyers here Ocean County, which I do believe is illegal and should be investigated.
During the time of November 2009 and August 2010 Division of Family and Youth investigated Officer Colon and all the abuse my daughter Brittany Colon experienced during the years he lived in home.
Officer Colon has a brother who is Captain with Elizabeth Police Department that had prior knowledge of all spousal and torture his brother was committing among myself and his daughter . His actions as his supervisor and brother were to ignore problem.
I am writing this letter to your department , seeking help, I have writing to almost every department in the State of NJ see why my rights in family court have been violated. I am not a criminal, im a victim of domestic violence. Please some from State help us, we have been left with ANY money living in proverty.
Clara Colon
OIDV Survivor and Advocate

Elizabeth Police Fix your Adminstration...Or Washington DC will.......

Dear City of Elizabeth: PAYROLL DEPT.

I am writing to let you know that i have been on your case now for a while, when a officer is court order to have his salary wages garished for spousal and child support every two weeks. Your are to be under law to follow the law and 'DO YOUR JOB'......

In the month of August you short my support by half the support and , i do not appreciate this .This cause me stress and made my children do without many of their school supplies and clothing. I could like if you would please what is court order to be send in immediately with this weeks payment. I do not care what the damn hell, you fucken people did. I have children and my children welfare comes first.

I have already written to Governor Office along with Attorney General Office regarding this matter, I do not trust nor accept a apologize from your department because you people do this with intention .

Along with other letter being send to Washington D.C. regarding the Elizabeth Police dept and all the Corruption and misconduct throughout the years with all your officers. I just feel the Justice Department needs to intervene and fix the entire organization.

Please Advise Officer Egberto Colon Jr, the more he violates his court order the more your depart and you corruption will come out for society to be aware of .