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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stay Safe and be Aware......Remember there is help......

Hello I don't know you but maybe you have heard of me. I am Clara Colon the OIDV Survivor and advocate for woman rights. But our connection is the Elizabeth police dept. Ladies open your eyes and ears, don't sleep with the enemies. Just a friendly reminder that not everything you have could be trusted. I have been involved with many ex girlfriends and wives of officers of the dept. I am one too, be careful and never let your guard down. Please this is a message of awareness and it may save your life.......

Right now life is great and its like living a fantasy, beware it will change . If it did get help immediately. Remember today is good, tomorrow is okay but future is dark and eerie with the sociopath or psychopath your currently with. These men are dangerous, calculating controlling freaks and worst  of all (You are nothing but a showcase)......

Do not allow them to degrade you belittle you and do not allow them to physically, emotionally and mentally abuse you or your children. Beware and listen to your children, they are calculating predators that have experience with mind control and will make kids hate you.

Please listen , document and run at sign you are in danger, I have done everything to help but now its up to you.

Bless you and your children, he is not worth your life or your kids. Be Safe.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Officer Grisel Arias -Elizabeth Police Dept. whore for the Officers

The Elizabeth Police Dept.
1 Police Plaza
Elizabeth NJ 07208

Attn: Director James Cosgrove

Dear Director:

It has come to my attention that a female officer from your department is conducting herself as the in house prostitute within your fellow officers. Officer Grisel Arias  is a whore among all the Officer of the department. What kind of police department is this , this woman is bed hopping among the men like a bunny on crack. I have been told by several ex wives and girlfriends of many Officers that she has had several multiple affairs. officer Egberto  Colon Jr., Capt. Jaime Colon, Deputy Chief Alexander Stofiankos, Deputy Chief Tyronne Turner, Officer Mickey Colon, Officer Craig Edwards and many more , its just to many to mention.

I cant not believe that your administration is allowing this Officer to conduct herself in this matter, Also their is another Female Officer Guinness that is having multiple affairs with the detective department.

What is currently happening with your department is disturbing and disgusting , and sir your allow this to happened because your a dirty old man. I have heard stories of you have sex with under age girls. What a disgrace you and all your officers are to taxpayer of the city of Elizabeth NJ.

Please learn to conduct yourself and teach your Officers morals, what they re doing is giving their wives and girlfriends HIV/STD's due to all the extramarital affairs within the department from Men officer to female officers. Also I have heard thru a reliable source homosexuality is on a rise within the department.  Please remember you are civil servants of the community and they pay your salaries with their tax dollars to Protect and serve the community. Its not a a free card to conduct yourself like hungry dogs.

Follow the law and departmental procedures people, act like Officers and not a pack of sex craze wolves.


Clara Colon Blogger for the Officer Involved Domestic Violence and Survivor

cc: Union county Prosecutors Office
Governor of NJ Chris Christine
Mayor James Bollwage
Attorney General of NJ John Jay Hoffman
Reporter Walter Kane- Kane in your corner

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Be tough and get Caught....Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An officer from Manalapan has been indicted on charges that he, along with his wife and 3 Edison cops, were planning to retaliate against another officer. Read more here

Its dirty business among a nightclub and police dept......Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beware *****************
do not come after me because the Union County Prosecutors and the Governor, Mayor of Elizabeth will be receiving all documented information and photos. So beware if any danger comes near me for exposing your dirty illegal dealings Elizabeth Police Dept and local nightclubs......Its dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Police Dept In Elizabeth NJ has a serious connection to the underworld of Colombian Nightclubs. Coco Bango is a breeding ground for legalized Prostitution with immigrant woman from Colombia...yes the good old boys have a long history with this club the owner and all the whores from the Southern American county.

***Health Alert to wives and girlfriends of these men in blue....Go get a HIV/STD testing immediately, 1 out 3 have some type of STD......Please I am warning all you innocent woman and men. Many of these men are closet bi-sexual's. I have send messages to all the woman to be aware...Listen we know we are the ex wives o these dirty men.

You Boys Fear me....I wonder why? Elizabeth Police Dept. NJ

My heart is just warm and fuzzy knowing you boys in blue Fear me? I just wonder why, could it be that I'm the only woman who has the balls, Yes the balls to challenge all your corruption and Misconduct. years and Years of you men and woman stealing from taxpayers with excessive court time, pay jobs and yes not working your full 11 hours shifts....Guess you know , who's on the list for 1# offender?   I leave you guys guessing, remember its the race card to get ahead.....Oops to much said.....I know and I have proof that Bloody hands is inside that department, no black man ever commits suicide. What do you think , society is stupid.

Furthermore , many of you cheaters.....
I 'm going to tell your wives the truth.......Boy the amount of pic's i have are just incredible. Hookers beware!!!!!!!!!!

before i forget , Newark Police is not the only one getting babysitters , you guys are NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!

Please don't send me flowers it was a pleasure doing what I do....So smile boys and girls......I'm just starting , and warming up to expose you....LALALALALA, bo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dept of Corrections for Nick Mionie...yes he is a Junkie

October 24, 2014

James Naughton
Principal Investigator
New Jersey Dept. of Corrections
Southern State Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 150
Delmont, NJ 08314

Dear Mr. Naughton,

First, I would like to begin by stating that, it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with you on October 23, 2014.  I am also very pleased to see that the Department of Corrections has a system in place such as this to ensure that the other party, me, has an opportunity to contribute to the department’s investigative process.  That being said here are the following events that are still pending and that have occurred in addition to the singular incident that you have stated in your October 20, 2014 letter and the incident I am referring to is the November 13, 2013 Domestic Violence charge issued to SCO Nicholas Mionie. 

In addition to the November 13, 2013 domestic violence incident charge there have been other numerous unreported incidents of domestic violence that occurred during September and October 2013.  As I explained to you over the telephone on October 23, 2014, I was very hesitant to contact the authorities about these prior incidents because I knew the connection Nicholas had with the Vineland Police Department and with the Millville Police Department which is the city in which he resides.  So that factor definitely weighed heavily on my mind during that time and ultimately prevailed, however, from November 2013 and later on in January 11, 2014 as you can see, I did not refrain from reporting such forms of abuse to both the Vineland and Millville law enforcement departments. 

I would like to first go through the September 20, 2013 public visitation and the verbal confrontation Nicholas created on that date in that year.  On that date, Nicholas and I decided to have a public visitation take place and he and I decided that the visit should last about two hours since he stated he needed to go to bed at 7 p.m..  The visitation  location was at a public park and while Ethan expressed little to no interest in playing with Nicholas however, Nicholas did well with this and in the beginning of the visitation conducted himself a proper manner.  It wasn’t until about an hour into the visitation Nicholas approached me and informed me that he was tired and wanted to end the visitation.  I responded calmly by saying to him how I took the time to reserve this time and how Nicholas should reconsider this decision because I have to inform my attorney about how this visit day went just like the rest and that I would to tell my attorney that Nicholas couldn’t complete two hours so how could he ask for overnights and half custody like he stated he wanted in August 2013.  Nicholas began to lash out at me and immediately this frightened Ethan causing him to run to me and picked Ethan up and calmly proceeded to walk towards my car about thirty feet from where we were standing and Nicholas began to walk after me and began to yell louder at me and I ignored him.  I later opened my car door and put Ethan into his car seat and closed the door.  I began to walk to the other side of the car towards my driver side and Nicholas followed still yelling and becoming even more angry because wasn’t acknowledging him at all and once I opened my car door I told Nicholas that I would have to tell my attorney what occurred today in addition to the visit prior to this date which took place at his house where I first met his father who deeply concerned me as well and why I feel as though he should only be given short daytime visits at this time.  I entered my car and shut the door, Nicholas continued to scream aloud and as I drove out of the parking lot Nicholas proceeded to walk to his car and began to throw a tantrum verbal and physically.  There was a family at the park that day that experienced this event and more very concerned by Nicholas’ behaviors and me and Ethan’s welfare and that family continued to see Nicholas’ behaviors even when I drove off down the road towards home.

There also events during October 2013 where Nick would show up to visits and was verbally violent towards me when I would ask how Ethan ate, if he napped and so on.  Nicholas’ appearance became more and more concerning to me and I always kept in mind the first visit date he came to meet Ethan back in September 2013 and how he described to me that he had since been depressed and still was depressed since June 2013 when I showed up on his doorstep and how he has had trouble eating and sleeping and so on.  Nicholas told me he had lost twenty pounds during the months of June 2013 and August 2013 and that even during September 2013 he was still losing weight.  Nicholas even asked me during this conversation if I noticed a change in his appearance and all I said was yes I noticed a loss in weight and that it was a substantial amount.  So during the month of October 2013 during the numerous weekly exchanges Nicholas showed more weight loss, irritability and so on and he took it out on both me and our son.  During one incident in October 2013, Nicholas and I had a very brief discussion I initated it and I asked him at visit drop off, I asked him if he was okay.  Nicholas to my surprised seemed defeated by this question and responded to my surprise in a very calm and concerned manner.  Nicholas revealed to me that he still was having a hard time sleeping, eating and coming to grips with being actively involved in Ethan’s life.  I suggested to Nicholas to try and find ways to improve those issues and if I could help alleviate any stress to please make me aware of this and I will do my best to do so because I do worry for him and I want Ethan to have Nicholas at his best.  Nicholas ended the conversation and wished me a good night and I did the same to him.  I went to turn around with Ethan still in my arms and began to walk to my home when I heard Nicholas begin to speak in a rap like version and I turned around cautiously and when I did so I saw this.  Nicholas standing behind his SUV with a smirk on his face and I just stood there in shock.  Nicholas began to perform in a way that I can only describe as if he were a rapper and he later proceeded to wrap about issues that apparently were weighing on his mind because it wasn’t topics he and I had discussed that night moments prior to this concerning behavior.  Nicholas began to dance around behind his SUV in the street and rapped about the topic of child support and psychological evaluations.  Nicholas began to sing, ‘You’re all about the child support the child support-child-child support’ and he continued to rap using these words like this and in other ways similar to the one I am able to still remember.  I just stood in total disbelief because I do not know what happened between where we ended civilly to Nicholas displaying this bizarre behavior.  Nicholas then moves to psychological evaluations and rap about them and how he believed I didn’t think he would pass one, thus was an assumption made by Nicholas since I never discussed this topic with Nicholas.  Soon after displaying these rap moments with me Nicholas abruptly dtopped rapping and dancing around in the street and run to his driver side door and jumped inside and while he was inide I watched as he began to laugh to himself inside the SUV loudly and as he tossed his body around in his side.  Nicholas later sat up straight in his driver’s seat, threw the SUV into drive and sped off down the street and when he reached the first turn off street he swung his SUV around the corner and continued to speed off down the road.  I could still hear his SUV accelerating faster as he later turned down the main road.

Next, during the month of November 5, 2013, I contacted the Vineland Police Department following the November 5, 2013 domestic violence incident that involved our two and half year old son, Ethan Daniel Nye and the Vineland Police Department then contacted the Millville Police Department to have them conduct a well check on our son because the incident that occurred that evening was so egregious.  The acts that followed at the 7 p.m. drop off date on November 5, 2014 was just has egregious as the acts that occurred that same day, three hours earlier and what occurred in short is this.  Nicholas arrived back to my property, the designated location for visitation exchanges and with our two and half year old in his arms Nicholas begin to scream in a very irate manner as he held our son in his arms.  Nicholas refused to hand me our son and instead kept Ethan in his arms as he continued to be belligerent towards me and told me that I had right to contact the authorities about the incident that occurred hours prior on this date and so on.  I calmly and repeatedly asked for Nicholas to hand over our son to me as his visitation time had ended several minutes ago (seven pm is drop off time).  Nicholas refused repeatedly to hand Ethan over to me and continued to rant about what actions I had taken and began to walk away from my sidewalk that lead up to the front steps where I stood waiting for this event to come to a close.  Nicholas proceeded to walk up and down my driveway in a very extraordinary and concerning manner, side stepping all the way down to the end of my driveway before he stopped and then began to side step back up in the very same manner in the direction of my driveway to the sidewalk and completed these actions yet again later ending it at the point where my sidewalk parts from the driveway. 

These actions were performed periodically as I had stated and all the while Nicholas was still handling our son, who was left silence and in a deep state of shock.  I was very disturbed by this event and felt entirely helpless throughout it and Nicholas could tell by the horror that was displayed on my face and he enjoyed every moment of it since he would laugh or have a smirk displayed on his face as he took breaks into between screaming at me.  Nicholas stood at the end of the driveway that leads over to my sideway and stood there in silence watching as I remained silent and still on the front doorstep looking in the opposite direction from him but always keeping my peripheral vision on him.  Nicholas then turned his entire body around now with his back towards me and began to stare into the darkness and appeared to be looking for something or perhaps someone.  Nicholas has told me during the months of September and October 2013 that he experiences episodes of paranoia and believes that things exist when actually do not. 

For example, when I reappeared into Nicholas life in late June 2013 to confront him yet again about the fact that he has a child and whether or not he wanted to be a part of his life or not.  While I was on Nicholas’ property that day, Nicholas swore that I had brought someone along with me that day and that that person had walked through the very same door he was standing in when he answered it after I knocked on it.  I stood there in utter shock and silence and later when I realized what was taking place, I spoke up in my defense and stated that I had come alone to speak to him about our son and that as Nicholas knew since I was standing about fifteen feet from his door if not more, I did not see anyone walk through the doorway he was standing in.  I eventually left his property that day since he denied ever knowing me, denied the possibility that he and I conceived a child and so on and I filed with the Cumberland County Courthouse for custody and so on.  So to end the incident that occurred on November 5, 2013 Nicholas eventually gave me Ethan and he did so in this manner.  Nicholas rushed towards the front steps and once he was positioned out in front of me he tossed Ethan up into my direction with such force that Ethan’s head struck my collar bone.  Ethan reacted to this injury with a groan and grabbed me ahold with such a grip that could only be described as fear-filled.  I reciprocated by holding Ethan in that very same manner as I quietly consoled him and while I was doing so Nicholas struck me with a plastic shopping bag that had an article of clothing in it.  I reacted by jumping back off from the edge of the step with the bag still wrapped tightly around my right ankle.  I looked up from the bag while still holding Ethan to see Nicholas still standing out in front of me now several feet away since he took steps back after striking me and he appeared to be very pleased with another one of his actions and remained silent. 

I asked Nicholas why he had struck me with the bag ad what was in the bag, Nicholas did not respond and continued to stare up at me in silence with a smirk. Nicholas eventually turned and ran off in the direction of his Ford Explorer and sped off in a very erratic as he always did so, with or without our son in his car. 

On the morning of November 6, 2014, I went to the Vineland Municipal Court Building and I filed a number of complaints which you can find filed in the Vineland Municipal Court house.  I was later instructed by my then attorney to drop those charges so that they could be brought up in Cumberland County Family Court and those matters have yet to be addressed. 

The incident that occurred early that date of November 5, 2014 was this, Nicholas showed up to conduct the visitation exchange at 4 p.m. he appeared to be very angry in appearance as he always appeared to be at exchanges as well as silent (Nicholas would only become verbally and physically violent if I spoke to him about anything and it would be normal questions like how visits went, what time did Ethan last eat and so on) and he walked right up to me, I was holding Ethan in my arms and Nicholas reached out to take Ethan from me and to both me and Ethan’s surprised Nicholas grabbed Ethan out of my arms and after doing so went to throw Ethan up over on top his right arm and over top of his bicep area and began to balance Ethan with the use of that one arm and because he chose to do so in this matter, Ethan in his own defense buckled his legs around Nicholas’ arms while his upper body fell backwards in the direction of the ground below.  I watched in horror unable to become involved because I was scared to instinctively reach out and grab Ethan’s upper body that was within my reach for fear that Nicholas would drop Ethan out of anger and or do something worse.  Seconds later, Nicholas used the right side of his body and crouched down somewhat while still in standing position and flung/threw Ethan’s upper body up over his arm again causing Ethan to return upright and immediately upon this action turned away from me with Ethan and rushed to his SUV.  Nicholas later rushed to open the back door and tossed Ethan into his car seat in a very violent manner and as usual took about two minutes to buckle Ethan into his car seat all the while Ethan was screaming hysterically all I could do was see this event through and wait until Nicholas left to contact the authorities. 

It is important to state here, that I believe that there would have been more incidents of domestic violence incidents had it not been for my then attorney’s instructions, the recommendation of the Vineland Police officer who was the one who repeatedly was dispatched to handle these incidents to suspend the visitation exchanges with Nicholas due to their own concerns and my own concerns and I ultimately I did just that.  I followed up to support my reasons/concerns for suspending visitation with regards to Nicholas at the Cumberland County Court house after each incident and I was repeatedly ignored by the judge on three occasions when I filed for emergent hearings and all three requests were denied on the same dates I filed them in person.  Nicholas’ father was present for this incident and he did nothing to prevent it by allowing himself to act as the mediator and bring Ethan up to the door.  Nicholas father seemed to enjoy Nicholas’ mistreatment of me and of Ethan as well.  Nicholas tends to be very verbally and physically violent towards me when he is in the presence of his father, Joseph Mionie who has expressed to me during a visit prior how he was physically violent towards Nicholas during his childhood.  This was explained to me and detailed further in a story Nicholas father proceeded to tell me that occurred when Nicholas was much younger.  Nicholas pleaded with his father not to tell the story but his father did so and told it while observing Nicholas’ anxiety rise.  I found this to be very disturbing and a very horrifying first time experience meeting the person who is my son’s grandfather, who has chosen to be absent in my son’s life as well through his first 2 plus years of life.

Next, the second reported event took place on January 11, 2014 during a visitation exchange where Nicholas refused to accept a notebook for our son who has been deemed special needs and since Nicholas refused to communicate with me about our son me and the Early Intervention Team decided perhaps a notebook would be a better way to go.  I exited the front door with Ethan in my arms, I said to Nicholas and I began to explain the notebook to him as I held it out in front of me.  I explained to him that because it was drizzling outside I didn’t want to spend too much time speaking about it and that he could refer to the first page of the notebook as reference.  I briefly explained the concept of the notebook to Nicholas for about a minute and waited for him to accept it.

Nicholas stared at the notebook for a few second before grabbing it from me in a very violent manner and at that time is when I observed more odd behavior from Nicholas.  I watched as Nicholas began to turn the page one at a time and with each turn he leaned his head into the pages as if he were going to find something inside.  The only forms of writing that had been written into the notebook at that time was one of the book’s pages that provided Nicholas with some ideas of what I would need for him to write with regards to Ethan (diapers, how feedings went, if he napped and so on).  When Nicholas was finished examining the notebook he looked up at me in disgust and tossed the notebook back into my abdomen area and without a word I accepted the notebook in this way and calmly handed Nicholas our son, who was reluctant as usual to go with Nicholas and once Nicholas had Ethan in his arms I calmly and quietly walked passed Nicholas, across my front lawn and in the direction of his SUV where I noticed his mother was seated in the back passenger seat.  Nicholas later positioned Ethan underneath his right arm, placing his arms across Ethan’s chest and began to chase after me across the lawn while screaming at me asking what I was doing with the notebook and not to touch his car.  I replied to Nicholas by saying since he refused to accept the notebook I would now attempt to provide his mother with the notebook in hopes that she might accept it, Nicholas repeatedly made demands that I not go by his car or touch it I remained silent. 

As I approached the SUV I noticed that Nicholas mother had just cracked open the back passenger door as I came around the back end of the SUV.  I continued to walk in the direction of the door in silence as Nicholas continued to scream at me not to touch his car and screaming to his mother to not accept the notebook all while still holding Ethan in that same manner as I had previously described.  Nicholas later reached out in front of me to grab ahold of the door and later swung the door wide open in a very violent manner.  I jumped back so that I wouldn’t be hit by the door and once the door was opened entirely, I calmly walked between the door which was on my left and Nicholas on my right and I reached my right arm out in the direction Nicholas’ mother’s in front of me seated inside the car to hand her the notebook.  I later began to explain to Mrs. Mionie what was in the notebook, whose idea it was to have a notebook (Early Intervention Team) and what I would like for her or Nicholas to write in the notebook.  While I was trying to speak to Mrs. Mionie Nicholas repeatedly used his left hand to strike my left hand, wrist and forearm and leaned his body into me causing me to be repeatedly knocked into the interior side of the door while still screaming to his mother not to accept the notebook which she had yet to accept from me.  The only thing I verbalized to Nicholas during the domestic violence event was here.  I asked him at least things times to stop harming me.  Nicholas did not reply and continued to inflict harm on me.

I later went on to explain to his Nicholas’ mother while trying to be heard over Nicholas’ repetitive screams how, I provided a sample what I would like to see in the notebook for me and for the Team to refer to on the first page and how she or Nick could use that as reference if they liked.  After I managed to explain the notebook concept to her, Mrs. Mionie still remained reluctant to accept the notebook because of Nicholas’ demands, his violent behaviors towards me that was still taking place even after I explained the notebook to her.  The weather while this was all going on began to pick up, it began to rain even more heavily now and I continued to stand in this same position facing Mrs. Mionie while continuing to be struck by her son violently on the hand, wrist and forearm, our son, her grandson, Ethan remained silent while still being held in the hostile manner in which he had been forced to be put in for the majority of this event.  I continued to stand there for several more seconds and the rain became more and more intense and I continued to stare at her asking for her to please accept the notebook from me and after asking multiple times my pleads were answered and she accepted the notebook.  Nicholas stopped screaming during the exchange and I quietly thanked Mrs. Mionie for accepting the notebook and began to squeezed my body out from between the SUV door and when I was successful in doing so, I walked around Nicholas back around the back end of his SUV and proceeded to walk up on to my front lawn again.

Nicholas followed after me still holding Ethan in that same hostile manner and stopped just in front of the curb and positioned himself on the opposite side of his SUV then the one his mother was seated on and he began to yell incoherently at me about random thoughts of me and how I need to listen to him and so on.  I waited until I returned to the front step of my home to turn around and peer out into Nicholas’ direction and I what I found was the one of the most shocking form of abuse displayed by Nicholas to date.  Nicholas had our son dangling at his side out in front of his running SUV now only being held by Nicholas’ right hand which was gripped tightly around Ethan’s left wrist as the rest of our son’s body was forced to dangle in the torrential down pour.  I was left in a very difficult position yet again and I decided it was best to not correct or acknowledge Nicholas’ mistreatment of Ethan because that might cause Nicholas to do even more harm to Ethan.  The words I did say to Nicholas were words I believed needed to be said at this time and perhaps might relief Nicholas of some stress he was experiencing and so on and what I had proposed was that Nicholas take a leave of absence and return if he feels being a father if that is something he actually wants to do and not something he feels he is being forced to do.  Nicholas responded by screaming back up to me from the curb saying how I should leave out of his life and then began to curse at me calling me the F word and the B word in combination and continued to repeat this several times.  Nicholas then began to call me the B word repetitively and proceeded to repeat this several times as well.  Nicholas continues to switch between these words yet again while allowing both himself and our son to be soaked by the rain. 

I later calmly asked Nicholas if he could please allow Ethan to be placed into the SUV and out of the rain, Nicholas began to scream back up at me using these same curse words again and refused to comply with my suggestion.  Nicholas screams were later broken temporarily by the sound of the SUV door behind him being cracked open.  Nicholas remained silent as he heard his mother’s instructions, she asked Nicholas to give her Ethan.  Nicholas hesitated and later complied with his mother.  Nicholas later hoisted Ethan up to the height of the car seat and his mother reached over from the opposite side of the back seat and pulled Ethan into the SUV by his arms in a very violent manner.  Once Mrs. Mionie pulled Ethan into the SUV Nicholas glanced over his shoulder to see if Ethan was inside the SUV before he slammed the door shut on both Ethan and his mother; Nicholas never once turned to help in the effort to get Ethan into the car.  Once the door was slammed closed, Nicholas began to scream up at me and I stood there watching him being soaked by rain as I was soaked as well and I later told Nicholas to please go on his visit and that I was going to be going back into my house.  Nicholas refused to cooperate and continued to scream up at me as I reentered my home and even when I closed my door once inside my home, I could still hear Nicholas’ screaming at me.  I later heard silence and then a door slammed closed, it was Nicholas reentering his SUV and I later watched as he slammed on the gas to his SUV which had been running this entire time and watched as it later flew down my street and flew around the first turn off my street and down the road as Nicholas began accelerate on the gas pedal once more. 

When I said the words that I did say to Nicholas about taking some time off from doing these exchanges and come back when he is ready and willing and so on I did so because Nicholas, not to defend him but to give you a better idea, one of them that I know of anyway and not that I’m excusing his behavior is that Nicholas never wanted to be father, never wanted to have children and when he found out back in February 2011 that I had become pregnant as a result of our encounters he was livid, was trying to force me to have an abortion and told me to never contact him ever again.  While Nicholas had knowledge and I have forms of proof that he did in fact know that I not only kept our child and disclosed to a coworker of his who contacted me (Edward Sheppard) that the child Nicholas and I share strongly resembles Nicholas refused to become involved and told Mr. Sheppard to cease all contact with me which he did not do until the year 2013.  Nicholas’ refusal to accept parental and financial responsibilities and the pressures he has had placed upon him by both of his parents and the medical health issues (‘severe OCD, severe ADD and severe anxiety issues’) he has informed me as recent as October 2013 and as far back as December 2011 when I first met him has no doubt played a monumental part in Nicholas’ overall process of thinking and the behaviors that have transpired because of his thought process or lack thereof.  Whichever the reason or reasons for why Nicholas has been and continues to behaved this way when I have seen him in and out of court and when he would testify on the stand where he would lash out at not only me but my attorney and during recesses; I would also observe outside the courtroom his emotional episodes beyond the norm where his attorney had to whisk him off to another area of the courtroom far away from anyone who may question his behavior.  This concerns me deeply that, he has possession of firearms off duty and could possibly have his on duty firearms returned to him and from a stand point as the mother of his son, I fear and worry constantly about the health and safety of Ethan daily.

Subsequently, after the incident on January 11, 2014 concluded itself I contacted the Vineland Police Department and informed them of the details of the event and during the beginning of the investigation the officers believed me entirely and asked if I wanted a Temporary Restraining Order and I stated that I did want an order of protection and that one be applied immediately for me and my son.  I informed the officers that Nicholas has committed more offenses than they would find on file and that I needed to take immediate action to see that these events stopped occurring.  The officers asked me what Nicholas did for a living and I informed them that he was a correctional officer and they stated that they at this time needed me to follow them down to the department to speak to a judge about getting an order of protection.  I complied.  I waited for at least ten minutes in the foyer of the Vineland Police Department until Nicholas, his mother and our son Ethan arrived at the station.  The reasoning for this being was that the officers investigating this incident could not reach Nicholas on his cellular telephone and later came out after attempting the number several times before asking for an additional number and it was at that time that I provided them Nicholas’ mother’s cellular telephone number and after doing so the officers were able to get in contact with Nicholas and he came down to the station approximately forty five minutes after the call of actual contact with him had been made. 

When Nicholas, his mother and Ethan arrived at the Vineland Police Department they were met by officers who stood by the doorway leading into the backend of the station and disappeared behind the door out of sight but not out of my hearing range and what I mean is this.  As I sat out in the foyer, I could hear Nicholas and his mother repeatedly playing off one another, they were vouching the fact that Nicholas never struck me and so on and while this was going on I remembered back to when Nicholas claimed as far back as September 4, 2013 when Nicholas was first recording me by use of his Samsung Galaxy cellular telephone and stated this information to me.  I didn’t mind that Nicholas did this but I did feel as though he was being paranoid because he felt he needed to do this and in my home and in my constant presence during visitations days  that I supervised prior to the courts become involved and that was when he began filming the visitation exchanges.  So when I heard both Nicholas and his mother speaking off one another I thought Nicholas had to have recorded the event in which he has been called to the Vineland Police Department for and he doesn’t think or hopes that the officers questioning him doesn’t know that he records events that involve me.  So I decided at this point to ask the officer working the desk that night if he could relay information to the officers interviewing Nicholas and his mother that Nicholas may have recorded the incident and while they cannot legally confiscate his cellular telephone, they can ask if Nicholas would mind showing them his telephone.  The officer agreed to cooperate and went back into the interviewing room and relayed the message to the interviewing officer and later returned back up to the front desk and informed me that the message had been given.  After I heard the officer returning up to the front desk area I heard nothing but silence at that point from all parties in the interviewing room but what I did hear soon after were footsteps approaching the direction of the front desk area and they belonged to Nicholas and one of the interviewing officers, Officer Justin Judice both parties later entered into the department’s processing room together and the officers closed the door behind them.  Moments later, both parties emerged from that room and Officer Judice later escorted Nicholas elsewhere in the department and I never saw Nicholas again. 

Moments later after this event, I was met with the two main investigating officers (Officer Judice and Officer Sprague and later Sgt. Bontcue) all of these officers now had a different tone of voice towards me and later instructed me to follow them into the back of the department and I did so immediately and cautiously.  I was later asked to walk down the hallway in the direction of the ‘interviewing room’ where Nicholas and his mother and my son once were and was instructed to sit down on the bench and I was told that I was being placed under arrest but was not told for what.  I asked the officers if they had asked Nicholas if they could even view the footage on his telephone, if he recorded the incident and they told me that they had viewed the footage and it didn’t match up to what I had told them and that I was being placed under arrest.  I knew this was a lie and just allow the arrest and processing experience take its course.  The experience I endured at the department was very hostile, brutal, degrading and so on.  I was repeatedly harassed sexually and otherwise by these three officers who took pleasure in their actions and played off one another during the entire process.  I was later processed in their database and later charged with falsifying a police report.  While still being physically detained (in handcuffs) I later heard out in the foyer demanding in a hostile manner to Vineland officers that he be allowed to take our son home even though he and all other parties knew he did not possess any custody legal or physical to make such a demand as that.  Nicholas became erratic when the officers informed him that he could not take Ethan home and Nicholas’ mother told Nicholas to wait out in the car because of his erratic behavior and Nicholas complied.  I was later released and was able to take my son from his grandmother, Nicholas’ mother and I went home that night about three and half hours after I arrived there.

On January 12, 2014 I waited for the night shift to be relieved of their shift before I contacted the department and to speak to a supervisor about the event that transpired the night prior.  The supervisor informed me that Nicholas had dropped off a copy of the incident to them that morning and it was transferred off of his cellular telephone to a dvd.  It wasn’t until March 2014 that my attorney at that tiime finally obtained a copy of a copy of the domestic violence incident Nicholas’ version that had been transferred to a dvd.  My attorney met me at Vineland Municipal Court Building during that month for one of the charges I had placed against Nicholas so he was able to view it prior to me and informed me that I was correct the footage on the dvd had been edited.  My attorney at that time informed me that the dvd was less than a minute in duration and clearly had been altered in multiple places.  I was not at all surprised by his words and I looked forwarded to viewing the dvd myself to further confirm that it had been altered and it was.  It is important to note that my attorney during that time had requested in and out of court from Nicholas’ attorney a copy of the dvd to no avail.  It wasn’t until the February 6, 2014 Final Restraining Order hearing that Nicholas’ attorney confirmed the fact that her client, Nicholas wouldn’t even provide her with a copy of the dvd at that time.  I have a purchased audio CD from the Cumberland County Courthouse from this date and other case dates involving Nicholas so there is prove of this as you might already know.   The attorney that had been representing me at the time Nicholas provided the dvd turned his file over to another attorney who I chose to go with and that attorney wound up being very close friend of Nicholas’ attorney and therefore withheld the dvd that was in my case file.  I am still fighting to this day to obtain that dvd back along with other related documents or else I would provide you with a copy of the dvd along with this letter.  The dvd during the F.R.O trial was never admitted into evidence and therefore left out of the court file (a federal lawsuit is pending against the judge who decided to make this decision and who is still currently overseeing this case to present day). 

It has taken me months to find a person who could possibly help me with these issues regarding the alternation of the dvd to help reestablish my tarnished credibility in family court and at the same time, hold the officers and their superiors at the Vineland Police Department accountable for their actions during January 11, 2014 incident along with all other violations they committed during court ordered visitation exchanges. It was further ordered on February 6, 2014 that visitation exchanges be moved from my home property to the Vineland Police Department pending the outcome of the Final Restraining Order and once the wrongful Final Restraining Order had been granted to Nicholas.  My attorney at the time fought this issue citing the obvious inappropriate relationship between Nicholas and the Vineland Police Department, our prior knowledge that not only does Nicholas have connections with the Millville Police Department but, at that department there have been issues with regards to that department that I have already experienced at the Vineland Police Department.  During that same month, February 11, 2014 the Millville Police Department made the front page of the Daily Journal for a number of charges all related to again my experience with the Vineland Police Department.

I recently visited the Vineland City Hall building earlier this month and I spoke with the mayor’s secretary, who informed me that the person I needed to speak to address my case with the Vineland Police Department would be Vineland’s Director of Public Safety, Mr. Edwin Alicea and I did just that.  Mr. Alice and I met in person on October 20, 2014 for an hour in one of Vineland City Hall’s conference rooms and during this in person meeting, I was able to bring up all of my concerns to his attention.  Mr. Alicea assured me during this meeting that he is taking all of my concerns very seriously and ensured me that if he was going to do what he could do legally and with regards to the dvd; Mr. Alicea informed me that if he was not able to get someone on a city or county level analyze the dvd that is on file at the Vineland Police Department’s Internal Affairs office then he would go up on a federal level to see that it be done.  I informed Mr. Alicea about my experience with VPD’s Internal Affairs department and how I was ignored for months and finally after making multiple calls still, in addition to multiple in person visits to the VPD did I received a call back from Internal Affairs Sgt. Wolfe who informed me that he investigated the matters I filed with his office and how he was siding with his officers and closed the case.  Mr. Alicea ensured me that he would conduct a very thorough investigation into my case and hold those accountable if he feels afterwards they need to be.  Mr. Alicea informed me that he would be routinely in contact with me and asked if I would be interested in attending a meeting with a him and one of the lieutenant (Bowers) from the Vineland police Department’s Internal Affairs office at a later date and I agreed to the opportunity to do so.

It is also important to include in this letter that as of July 3, 2014 when I was in court with Nicholas it was explained to all parties for the record that Nicholas has been in contact with my other two children from a prior relationship and frequently has ‘siblings’ with Ethan and his two older siblings.  While I knew this day may come one day now having definitive confirmation of this information, I am now officially very concerned about not just the health and safety of Ethan but now a shared concern in regards to his siblings as well.  The reason for this being that what events I did not go into detail with you in this letter but did so with Mr. Alicea is the visitation exchanges that occurred from February 2014 to June 17, 2014 where the members of the Mionie including Nicholas displayed very verbal, physical and other forms of disturbing behavior that my two other children who were also forced to endure.  Since I am a single mother, I had to bring my other two children along to these exchanges.  The dvds of these events have been turned over to the VPD Internal Affairs department for purposes related to the current/reopening of my case with regards to the Vineland Police Department and Nicholas.

Finally, after stating all of the above, I would have to say that, I do not believe it would be a wise decision for your Department to return to Mr. Mionie his firearms for these reasons and more meaning when the F.R.O is thrown out in the Appellate Courts, which all three of my attorneys all representing me for different matters but all highly trained in the area of appeals have informed me that the Order will be since it does not possess the qualities/fit the criteria for an F.R.O to even be granted, etc..  So essentially what this means is, Nicholas and I will still have to be in contact verbally and otherwise with one another so that he and I can co-parent Ethan once our pending custody cases have been completed and the Courts decide what the custody and visitation should be.  I hope and I am almost certain that your department will, will take my letter of response to you very seriously especially since there are three very young children involved and Nicholas at any time could come in contact with them and harm them if he wishes to do so and based off of what has already transpired and the fact that Nicholas has answered to our application (my attorney and I) for the F.R.O to be appealed and I have no doubt that when the appeal is thrown out that, Nicholas will become even more enraged by this act and lash out towards those closest to me in an act of revenge since again his history reflects a good and solid record of that.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter, please do not hesitant to contact me further if you should need to do so at anytime.


Filed Civil Rights Complaints against the EPD