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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

???? WTF

Well I must say if the city of Elizabeth has Clowns for Cops than I understand why the Mayor is a Clown!!!!

Mayor fix that Police Department and All Upper Management because your Gig is Up!!!! Halloween is not until End of people do drugs?

Your Gig is up dumbass...I expose you EPD Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's come to my attention recently as today, that when an officer salary is garnishment of his wages is supposed to go to NJ child support probation. They have someone in the inside the Elizabeth Payroll that holds the garnishment for several days or weeks as a retaliation against the ex wives and girlfriends. This is a financial abuse tactic that domestic violence abuser use to harm their children, what a messy and disturbing action from the Law Enforcement Community.

The anonymous tipster also has the lawyers who applaud the officers and support this tactic to continue until today as being exposed by OIDV Advocate Clara Colon.

I would like to state that Mayor James Bollwage of the City of Elizabeth should be ashamed of this payroll department and his city employee's that contribute to this practice of financial abuse against innocent children.

Please join me in writing to Mayor Bollwage of Elizabeth and other Mayor throught the United States , letting them know that this Misconduct is not going to be Acceptable nor tolerate any longer and the laws need to change.

Give them a piece of your some of the import number to contact....

Mayor James Bowage
.(908) 820-4000

Human Services
Stanley Neron, Manager of Human Services, 908-820-4206

Human Rights Commission
Joseph L. Adair Jr., Executive Director, 908-820-4215

Employee Benefits
Linda Poplawski, 908-820-4282

Ocean County Family court Corruption_ Orthodox Jewish Community

Anyone living in Lakewood nj know the exact dates of when toras emes and bais faiga are starting school. Unfortunately they don't send me any notices making it clear to me that they don't recognize me as a parent. And their dad who is again trying to torment me through the kids keeps on telling the kids "I don't know when it's starting". The kids have been by him for a week without prior notice emotionally tortured about the school.... didn't pay child support, hasn't prepared them for school at all.... I'm happy and grateful to do it all by myself despite the vast expenses....but I'm not grateful for him putting the kids through this emotional turmoil ride...

Family court corruption in the orthodox Jewish community in ocean county new jersey...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014




Monday, August 25, 2014

Thank You Denise Brown

Denise Brown congratulated you on your work anniversary!
"Congratulations Clara!! Have a wonderful day. Denise"          

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dirtbag Leo

Never seems to change policies are within these departments and officers, no charges and no firings. PBA and FOP always find loop holes in making sure these men and woman of the force keep their jobs. Take a good look at him, Officer I will expose you on all my sites to make sure people see what a scumbag you really are.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Crucified by the Family Court

I have been Crucified by the Family Court system and Judicial system of the State of New Jersey now for 4 years and still no resolution nor end has been established. As Christ our Lord was punished for our sins , As a Survivor of domestic violence , I have been tortured again and again by the Judicial system . As an animal and not as human being , condemned for a crime i did not commit. Abused and beaten for saying  "HELP ME"....I am now punished along with my daughters to live a life of complete sorrow and pain. we are not free nor allow to smile,. we are still punished for speaking out against a man who abused us physically, mentally, sexually and tortured us like animals..